Personal background investigations

A Personal Background Investigation provides information useful to determine the general character and trustworthiness of an individual. This investigation will normally ascertain the subject's true identity, residence address, business ownership interests, employer or other income sources.

User fraud investigation

Private Investigor provides assistance to individuals and groups victimized by consumer fraud schemes. I are experienced in the investigation of a variety of consumer crimes including confidence scams, elderly abuse, identity theft, investment schemes, telemarketing fraud, and many other other crimes of pursuation and violations of trust.

When an individual or group is adversely affected by a consumer fraud operation, but insufficient evidence exists to initiate a law enforcement response, I can provide a solution. Our investigators are able to substantiate concerns and to identify, locate and assist law enforcement to arrest and prosecute offenders.

Missing Persons investigations

A Missing Persons Investigation is undertaken when a person is missing or has disappeared under suspicious or unusual circumstances. Private Investigator can coordinate and direct its investigators, operatives, and sources to assist in the resolution of these cases. We can actively investigate to identify the location and condition of missing or disappeared persons.

These investigations are conducted by the firm on a domestic UK and international basis.

Business locator service

Investigative Resources International Commercial Locator Service provides professional services to locate missing participants and beneficiaries and similar matters. Our Commercial Locator Service combines, investigative research professional methodology to provide a cost-effective and compliant solution to find missing participants and beneficiaries.

International car and life claim investigations

Investigative Investigator specializes in domestic and international car life claim verification. With more than 18 years of insurance claim investigation experience, we are able to provide professional investigative support throughout the UK and countries worldwide. PI conducts extensive fraudulent insurance claim investigations and is accustomed to providing investigative.

Car accidents

Contestable Investigations


Fraudulent Claims

Surveillance/Activity Checks

Medical Records

Asset Search 

 Asset Search is designed to locate and identify company or individually held assets such as real property interests; vehicles, aircraft or watercraft ownership; business ownership interests; income sources; financial accounts and liabilities such as civil litigation; judgments; tax liens; defaults and bankruptcies. Professional analysis of each matter will often afford further relevant information which will be detailed in our report.

If you do not find the service you require , we recommend that you send us your inquiry and we will individually consult and offer our professional assistance.

During the consultation, we will not only answer any questions you may have and provide you with relevant information, but by assessing the nature of the service, you will find out if a private detective can help you.

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