Special Event Protection Service

''LR1'' is one of the best providers of security for special events. Our founder’s experience provides a solid foundation for anticipating and avoiding threats in crowded public places. We understand that security for special events must be thorough and unobtrusive.

When planning the security of your special event, our specialist reviews the locations of the event, assesses risks and other factors, and determines the best strategy for protecting your event. To ensure your event runs smoothly. We use a wide variety of security technologies, along with professional security guards. Our crowd management strategies, in addition to access, tracking and weapon detection technology. We offer a VIP security guard who oversees all security operations on the day of your event, along with the guards.

Security ensures effective protection of events:

Concerts and performances

Sporting events

Charity events

Business conferences and exhibitions


Private parties

Movie premieres and events on the red carpet


                       Executive Security Service

 Security services

 ''LR1'' understands the concerns of those in need of security services. Recent developments that increased the need for protection. Our security guards are well-trained in recognizing threats and always protecting important people, no matter their industry. Our ''LR1'' service provides security to individuals who are subject to legitimate concerns about real danger. Our officers can meet all security needs in a professional and tactful manner.


At ''LR1 '' we pride ourselves on the qualifications of our security staff and agents. All of our officers are highly competent and qualified with regard to their security requirements. All of our employees have long-term work experience.

Our ''LR1'' service provides quality, not quantity. Security We know that citizens need a company that understands the threats facing executives, high-level executives, and celebrities facing the public. That's why  ''Security'' constantly strives for the highest quality of service.

For the best, our ''LR1'' security guards are professionally trained in:

Internal protection

Executive security consultancy

Risk evaluation

Real estate and celebrity VIP protection

Professional security drivers and

Supervision detection and scheduling

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Hotel security services


 ''LR1'' provides hotel security services to hotels of all sizes, ensuring guest, staff and hotel property protection. Hotel security specific to commercial, residential and retail where security is required.

Our hotel security services:

Concierge services, concierge services in the lobby.

Patrol of premises and surroundings.

24/7 tracking tracking (video surveillance, etc.)

Emergency protection services

Executive security services for high profile guests and celebrities

Private theft investigation services

Services for large groups during a stay at the hotel

Security advice - risk assessment and recommendations

Security for special events at the hotel.

If you do not find the service you require , we recommend that you send us your inquiry and we will individually consult and offer our professional assistance.